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Meet Our Team

Keith and Lisa Barron

The Owners

Husband and wife team Keith and Lisa Barron have been the proud owners of Barron’s Home Appliance Centre since 1989. To this day you will still find both of them as General & Shop Managers, working alongside their team of Professional Technicians, Sales Representatives, and Administrators to offer Central Vancouver Island the very best possible service in the major appliance industry.

Maranda - Director of Operations

Maranda - Director of Operations 

Maranda ensures smooth operation behind the scenes in our office and maintains our operating systems. She is currently digitizing our store with new software. Maranda is our liaison with manufacturers we do warranty service for, and also takes care of our branding, graphics, and store appearance.


Jessica - Financial Controller

With several years' experience with bookkeeping, and office management, Jessica has helped our Financial Department become more organized and efficient. Positive and enthusiastic, she is always willing to go above and beyond to find solutions to any problem.


Cameron - Finance Assistant

Working alongside our Financial Controller, Cameron is an enthusiastic addition to our financial department. She ensures all work orders are processed and customers promptly receive their invoices. She keeps spirits and morale high in our office, and loves participating in all our seasonal events.

Sales & Administration


Nicole - Sales Manager

Nicole joined our company as a Customer Service Representative in 2015. With her many years of sales and service experience, Nicole continues to impress both customers and staff with her friendly, helpful approach. 

Mary Jane - Administrator

Sister to owner Keith Barron, Mary Jane started as part of our quality control team in 2016. She now assists in our sales and administration departments, ensuring our files are kept in an organized fashion. Kind, funny and positive, Mary Jane helps to make every day at our store a pleasure.

The Service & Parts Team


Jessie - Service Administrator

Jessie joined us in 2022, and has several years experience in customer service and dispatch. She quickly became an asset to our service department, and our customers appreciate her quick and thorough service.


Darian - Service Administrator

Tristan - Parts Manager

With an extensive background in shipping, receiving and parts, Tristan joined our team in 2017 as our Parts Manager. With Tristan’s expertise, Barron’s Parts department is being expanded and modernized.


Our Certified Road Technicians



Greg is our senior technician and has been with our company since 2001. Greg is a Red Seal, nationally certified technician with both a CFC Refrigeration Licence and a Level C Gas Ticket for appliance repair. He specializes in high end appliance installations and his work has been featured in many house and home magazines.




As one of the longest standing members of the Barron’s staff, Paul joined us in 2000. With a Class C Gas Ticket and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, his career naturally progressed to the Electronics Department. His time in that department has given him opportunity to repair appliances as well as their electronic boards as a Road Technician. His friendly and thorough service quickly made him a customer favourite.



Jesse has been with our company since 2007 and is our second senior technician. He is provincially certified with a CFC Refrigeration Licence, an HVAC Certification, and a Level C Gas Ticket. With his vast experience, Jesse is a value member of our service team.



John has been with us since 2007 and is a Certified Technician with a CFC Refrigeration Licence. He is a favourite with our customers who appreciate his attention to detail and his dedication to repairing appliances in a courteous, professional manner.



Joel joined us as an In-Shop technician in 2019 and is working towards his HVAC Red Seal Certificate. He is passionate about refrigeration repair, and has made this his specialty. Joel services appliances as a road technician, and our customers love his professional and positive attitude.




Zach started off in our shop and quickly made his way to in-home service. He joined our team in 2020 and we love his positive attitude, teamwork and willingness to learn. Zach is provincially certified with a CFC Refrigeration Licence, as well as a Gas Appliance Repair ticket. He is working towards his Red Seal in Appliance Repair, and we can’t wait to see him excel in this career.



Javier moved to Canada to join our repair team in 2022. With over a decade experience in this field, it was clear he was a great addition to our crew. Always willing to go above and beyond, we appreciate his efficiency and positive attitude.



Ken is an Electrical Apprentice and has switched careers to join our appliance repair team. He is quickly learning to diagnose and repair in our fast paced shop environment and is working towards his Red Seal in Appliance Repair. 

The Electronics Department



Brian has been a cherished family friend since 1971. He relocated to Nanaimo in 2012 to establish the Barron’s Electronics Department. With a dedicated background in electronics manufacturing and a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology, Brian has successfully elevated his department to the impressive status of being the only Electronic Board Repair Clinic in Western Canada. The Barron’s Electronics Department now proudly serves    customers across all of North America.

The In-Shop Technicians


Dave is the newest member of our In Shop Repair team. He has several years of experience in HVAC service, electrical and home renovations. He is currently focusing on sealed system repairs on fridges, and is quickly mastering the refrigeration department.


Michel made the move to Canada in 2023 all the way from Mauritius, and is excited to make Nanaimo his new home. He has over 14 years of experience in the appliance repair field, and it is a pleasure to have him as part of our shop repair team.


Quality Control Team

Joyce Nicklom


Joyce came to Barron’s in 2015 and is in charge of quality control in the Refurbished Appliance Department. She adds a softer and more balanced touch to our shop. She is a much loved mother figure to our younger staff and a caring friend to all.

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